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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn.

Go around the property in style

Getting around is easy with our 5

vintage golf carts that will pick you

up and take you to different areas

within the property.


Fully Functional Gym with Onsite Trainer

Crush your day early in the morning with an hour of workout in our Resort 

Gym. Fully equipped with weightlifting 

machines, free weights, treadmill and

more! It's the perfect place to breakout

a sweat!


 Kids Club

Spend the whole afternoon at the

Kids Club making sweet quality time

with the whole family. Ask our staff

for activities prepared for the kids!

Dip and Dine

Enjoy a decadent floating breakfast spread in the pool

or by the beach! Don't forget

to take your cameras out

for that Instagram photo!

Special Cultural   Shows

A blockbuster hit at the Auhana, immerse yourself in entertainment like no other by

catching our Filipino Folk Dance and Fire Dance shows.

(Shows Subject to Availability)

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Sunset Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage by the

beach care of our highly trained in

house massage therapists. This is

the ultimate relaxing experience

you'll never forget.


Auhana Gift Shop

A blockbuster hit at the Auhana, immerse

yourself in Our Gift Shop is the ideal place

for you to take a piece of Boracay Home

with you or even get your daily beach

essentials like sunscreen, shades, and

straw bags.


Resort Amenities Gallery

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